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Mon, 13 Sept




Now is the time to take care of yourself. The time to connect to your interior to develop your consciousness, to be more present, to get to know yourself.

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Time & Location

13 Sept 2021, 18:00 – 22:00

Vandoeuvres, Rte de Choulex 10, 1253 Vandoeuvres, Switzerland

About the event

Hatha Yoga is an ancient yoga. Through the precise and methodical practice of postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), mũdras (energy gestures) and meditation (dhyana), it allows the practitioner to master the body, thoughts and sensory organs.

Modern yoga practice was codified before the 5th century BC. AD by Patanjali, an Indian philosopher. Patanjali's Yoga Sutras are the oldest surviving documents dealing with the philosophy, goals and techniques of yoga. They describe a path composed of 8 steps to guide us on the path of self-realization and allow us to reach the ultimate goal, enlightenment and balance: Samadhi.

  • 1-Yamas:  rules of conduct in society
  • 2- Niyamas:individual discipline
  • 3- Asanas:postures
  • 4- Pranayama:breath control
  • 5- Pratyahara:withdrawal or sensory transcendence
  • 6- Dharana:concentration
  • 7- Dhyana:meditation
  • 8-Samadhi:true liberation

I offer gentle and benevolent Hatha Yoga sessions, respecting your body, your rhythm and everyone's abilities. I use traditional yoga techniques: kryas, mudras, pranayamas, asanas, mantras, guided relaxations, meditations, which allow you to  internalize yourself, develop strength and flexibility and balance the energies.

I take it to heart to target the needs of each practitioner and to accompany him on the path of personal and spiritual development by sharing experiences and rituals that have allowed me to transform my life.

Regular practice of Hatha Yoga helps regulate emotions, manage stress, by stimulating the vagus nerve and harmonizing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. It brings well-being in his body, in his mind and in his heart.

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